Du Data Plans Explains how to save your mobile data built into your apps

Video streaming is a common way to use data on smartphones. Following are some basic du data plans techniques to reduce data consumption.

Video streaming sites: Tools for users

Some video streaming websites, such as YouTube, Amazon Netflix and Prime, provide information management. Amazon Prime allows its users to set the quality of their downloads and streams on the Settings page. The user can choose to watch a movie for only one hour and get 100MB. Netflix allows its users to switch to a lower-quality network when they are on it. One person can watch 4 hours worth of movies on just 1GB. YouTube doesn’t offer any data-saving alternatives, but it does have an option that reduces the video quality once your smartphone connects to a network.

Manage social media

Many movies are viewed through messaging and social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. These networks all have their own tools. Snapchat’s Travel mode prevents it from downloading photos and videos. Instagram has the option to use less mobile data. Videos in WhatsApp can be prevented from downloading. Facebook videos are set to auto play the moment a user scrolls through this article. In the program settings, you can save and prevent cellular data.

Some of these networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, have a version that’s less info milder. Users can use less information, but they are still able to do so.

Applications for data management

Data management software like Onavo’s data manager or Opera Max can be used to reduce information intake. The programs do not only reduce information consumption, but they also use data blocking programs. Onavo’s data manager allows users to set alarms for data. It could help users keep tabs on their information consumption. Opera Max takes it a step further and removes all videos from Netflix and YouTube, without affecting the quality. The data is compressed until the device of the user.

You’re tired of watching movies on the web and then suddenly buffering begins and continues, you play a game online and the internet slows down, you want to stream a match live but your data limit is too low, you wanted to see the action of a football match, but it isn’t possible because you don’t have enough data. You can have all these problems in one package if you use Du data. The Du data plans are very affordable and offer super-fast Internet speeds. The Du data packages are the most popular among their customers in UAE.

Du offers a variety of data packages that can be customized to meet your needs. You can also choose from monthly or single data packages for your postpaid or prepaid plan. If you’re a postpaid/prepaid customer, you can choose from a variety of packages that suit your requirements.

Postpaid Du Data Plans

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Du offers postpaid data boosters to customers who are constantly running out of data. You can purchase additional data and stay connected while enjoying Du’s unlimited data plan.

The packages are:

Prepaid data plan.

This is the Du Monthly Data Plan for prepaid users. You will receive the full volume of data as well as free social data.

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